RMT4EVA Clothing First Fashion Show with Colorado Beautillion

Denver based street wear brand, Rich Mob Tendencies, took part in the 10th annual Colorado Beautillion Fashion Show on February 23rd. We had the opportunity to connect with designers and entrepreneurs from all over Colorado. Each brand came together to display their unique fashion sense. RMT showed off a new set of their Black History Month Jean Jackets on the run way.

With yet another successful collaboration with the talented Jessa (@ragdoll___), we wanted to pay homage to all of our Black Leaders who paved the way for young kids like us. Each jacket has a costumed piece of a Black Historian, painted with great quality and fine detail. It's definitely a must have as each piece is  1 of 1.  It was a awesome experience, we were able to get to be apart of our first fashion show and see what the process is like behind the scenes. It was definitely a learning experience that we can carry over in the future. We were fortunate to get the opportunity to help high school kids get their foot in the door in runway modeling. It was a joy to work with some young talented individuals, you all killed it!




 After the show we decided to have a pop up shop in the parking lot. It was nothing but love from everyone there. As a unit we not only accomplished our first fashion show but we also had our first on the go pop up as well. It was an amazing opportunity for us to show people our street wear and getting to know what Rich Mob Tendencies stands for. On behalf of Rich Mob Tendencies we would like to thank Ms.Cheryl and everyone at the Colorado Beautillion for the amazing opportunity. It was a good time!

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photo credit: Josh Atlas (@joshua.atlas)

SPECIAL THANK YOU to Alea (@alea_hill), we appreciate everything you did for us and we’re looking forward to working with you in the future.